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Quadcopter Drone the JJRC 1000A

This is a fantastic little RC Quadcopter Drone that retails at under $30. It looks good outside at night or indoors with dimmed lights. This is another perfect RC Quadcopter Drone that is most suited for beginners. You have a great choice of five different flying modes and the JJRC Quadcopter Drone can perform amazing acrobatics.

Flyin’ Ryan one of the most respected RC Quadcopter Drone Reviewers says this “Other than having a slightly slow yaw rate; there is nothing bad about this Quadcopter. It is stable, quiet, does great flips, and has awesome LEDs which light up from inside the body and illuminate each entire half of the quad in two
Different colors.”

And here is another Review of the JJRC Lightning UFO from Frequent Flyer RC

Quadcopter Drone Flying Characteristics

All in all the JJRC Quadcopter Drone is a very robust, stable flyer. Changing the direction the Quadcopter is pointing towards (the yaw rate) is not spectacular in low rates but is quite acceptable in the top 100% mode. However when flying in this mode be aware any sharp movement on the right stick (mode 2 flying left hand throttle stick) the RC Quadcopter Drone will enter into acrobatic auto-flip mode and perform tight flips. CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $29.99

The LED lights will start a flashing sequence when the battery life is running low. Be warned you don’t get much time left to land the Quadcopter Drone so it is better to fly this model using a timer. Lipo batteries last longer if you don’t run them right down so using a timer has double benefits. Remember to let the motors cool down if you have spare batteries ready to go.


Quadcopter Drone Body Styling

The body shell of the JJRC 1000A resembles that of the much larger DJI Phantom and is a welcome change from all the Hubsan X4 look-a-likes. The propeller blade shapes are of a very similar shape to those used on the Walkera QR Ladybirds albeit slightly larger. (image to follow) CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $29.99


Quadcopter Drone Transmitter

A real plus with this model is you get a ‘Proper’ sized Remote Control RC Quadcopter Drone Transmitter. Nearly all under $30 Micro and Mini Quadcopter Drones have tiny transmitters that are OK for smaller hands but can cause stress for those with larger hands. It is therefore plain to see that this under $30 Drone is a great learning tool and will teach any beginner the basic Quadcopter flying skills. It will also prepare YOU well if and when YOU want to move up to bigger Quadcopter Drones. CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $29.99

Quadcopter Drone Transmitter

The Transmitter for the JJRC 1000A Quadcopter Drone






JJRC Quadcopter Drone Review from Drone Flyers

Update 29-12-2014: We took the JJRC 1000A outside today and had a blast with it. We can’t get over how quiet it is unlike some of the other Quadcopter Drones in this class. The lightweight body shell and larger size propellers don’t seem to strain the motors and in 100% mode the flips are awesome. It was a pleasure to fly, fast and easy to control.
Update 28-12-2014: Over the next few weeks the Drone Flyers Team are going to put this RC Quadcopter Drone through some rigorous testing. Having flown the JJRC 1000A indoors over Christmas and studied all the Best Drone Reviews of this model we are certain that this is one of the finest under $30 Quadcopter Drones you can buy.

Quadcopter Drone Description

Item Name: JJRC 1000A Quadcopter Drone
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4
Gyro: 6 axis
Battery: 3.7V 250mAh lipo
Flight time: 5-8 minutes
Quadcopter Drone Battery charging time: about 40 minutes
Control distance: about 80-100 meters
Size: 12 x 12 x 2.5cm
Color: White

Quadcopter Drone Features

Latest 6 axis gyro system
Mini size, super light weight
With LED light function
Compatible with transmitter of V202 V222 V262 V272 JXD 385 388 X30 X30V F180 L6036 L6038

Quadcopter Drone Package includes

1 x JJRC 1000A Quadcopter Drone
1 x LCD Quadcopter Drone transmitter
1 x 3.7V 250mah battery
1 x USB charging cable
4 x spare blades
1 x Quadcopter Drone manual


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    My rate:

    Great little Micro Quad, binds easily (once you center all trimtabs on Txr) flies well.

    Only problem with mine is battery catches on internal body section when re installing, only way to get battery in is to insert a slip of thin plastic over the offending body part then slide the battery in, then remove slip. Other than that its great.

    Ideal for inside flying time when conditions aren’t right for the Blade 350QX to be flown outside.

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