Mini Drone from Eachine

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Best Mini Drone The Eachine CG023


If a Nano Drone is too small for you and you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a Micro RC Quadcopter then this latest Eachine CG023 Mini Drone could be the perfect choice for you. Packed with features you would expect to see in a RC Quadcopter twice its £22.99 price tag.


Mini Drone from Eachine

Eachine CG023 Mini Drone

Mini Drone Design Shape

The Eachine Mini Drone has a unique design shape. Many of the Drones in this Nano Mini class have adopted the shape of the DJI Phantoms a scaled down made extremely popular by the great Cheerson CX-10 Nano Drone. This Mini Drone however has taken a shape that’s more akin to the Mid Sized Drone similar to the La Traxxas Alias or the WLtoys V636 Skylark. Rather than have a separate propeller/blade guard the protector is an extension of the motor arms and landing feet. This RC Quadcopter Drone is similar in styling to the Blade Nano QX RC Quadcopter.

This makes it larger than the traditional size of Micro Drones that fit in the palm of your hand. The best selling Micro Drone the Hubsan X4 H107 V2 RC Quadcopter is approximately 8.5 centimetres square (9 centimetres motor to motor diagonally) yet the Eachine CG023 Mini Drone is listed at 17 centimetres. The Hubsan X4’s motors are powered by a 380 mAh lipo battery whereas the Eachine uses a 3.7V 150 mAh lipo battery. It therefore must be extremely lightweight in construction.

Mini Drone from Eachine

Super Lightweight Mini Drone Design with Unique Protectors

Mini Drone Price

The Eachine Mini Drone is being sold on Banggood for a amazing $22.99 on Banggood. It can be flown in Headless Mode and is capable of 360 degree acrobatics. If you are looking to try out RC Quadcopter Drone Flying then this low cost Eachine model is a  perfect starting point. I comes with a decent sized transmitter with is rare for Quadcopters in this low price bracket.


Mini Drone from Eachine

Front View of the Eachine CG023 Mini Drone

Mini Drone RC Quadcopter Review

We have been sent the Eachine Mini Drone from Banggood for review purposes and will update this RC Quadcopter Review section as soon as it arrives. CLICK THIS LINK

Update 16-01-2015: Received the Eachine Mini Drone this morning, First impressions are that it is extremely light and flexible, A definite plus is that this RC Quadcopter comes with a decent sized Remote Control Transmitter unlike most of the Nano Quadcopter models. The RC Transmitter allows you to set three different speed modes 20, 60 and 100% depending on your level of experience. This makes this RC Quadcopter Mini Drone perfect as a starting point for beginners to this exciting Hobby. We must say at this point that the Eachine Mini Drone is super responsive to the commands so fly low and fly slow until you are used to it.

Please note: The Mini Drone Remote Control Transmitter has the option of two separate stick options. There is a button  type stick which is great for those who are used to flying using thumb controls. These can be replaced with extended sticks the type favoured by ‘Pinchers’ who grip the stick between thumb and forefinger.

Min Drone RC Transmitter

The Remote Control Transmitter for the Eachine Mimi Drone

Mini Drone Acrobatic Modes

There are a couple of ways of enabling the Mini Drone flip or acrobatic mode according to the supplied RC Quadcopter Mini Drone manual. It suggests if you are an experienced flyer then click the orientation button first followed by the flip button and the Mini Drone will flip it the direction you push the stick. This they say should be done in 100% speed mode. If you are a beginner then you should get the Mini Drone hovering at a height of approximately 3 meters then press the roll/flip button and it will automatically flip over. The Drone Flyers team are not convinced with these instruction and will perform their own extensive testing.
At this juncture there are a couple of things worth mentioning. Firstly use some tape to secure the back of the battery compartment, like most of these inexpensive Mini Drones the manufactures fail to supply the necessary screws to keep these in place. Secondly the propeller blades have a tendency to fly off so check them before each flight.

Mini Drone

Flexible Mini Drone from Eachine

Mini Drone Description: Brand:Eachine Item No:CG023 Mini Drone Frequency: 2.4G Gyro: 6 axis Size: 17.3x 17.3 x 3.6cm Color: white,black Flight time: about 6- 7minutes Charging time: 45 minutes Control ranges: about 30m-60m Battery: 3.7V 150mAh li-po battery Battery for transmitter: 4 x AAA battery(not included) Certificate: EN71EN62115R&TTEROHS

Features of the Mini Drone: Headless mode allow to auto rolling 360°,one key to rolling Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity Permits super stable flight Lightweight airframe with nice durability 4-ways flip (left,right,forward,backward) USB charging cable allows to charge by computer. Flying both indoor and outdoor ability

Your Drone Package Includes: 1 x CG023 Mini Drone RC Quadcopter 1 x 2.4G transmitter 1 x USB charging cable 4 x spare blades CLICK THIS LINK

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