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Hubsan X4 H109S PRO |  Hubsan X4 PRO



Coming soon the long awaited Hubsan X4 PRO First Person View RC Quadcopter.
Update 5-1-21 Hubsan X4 Pro To be released at the CES show

The really good news for 2015 is the long awaited and much anticipated latest RC Quadcopter Drone from Hubsan is soon to be released. This model was expected in 2014 but from all accounts Hubsan were not happy with the first prototypes and have spend much of 2014 refining this Remote Control Quadcopter. We first saw the new images on the 24-12-2014, Christmas Eve and this latest fabulous flying machine made our Christmas! If you have an interest in this RC Quadcopter Drone then why not join the Hubsan  H109S X4 PRO Owners Group over on Facebook CLICK THIS LINK Hubsan have long led the market place with outstanding innovative Nano and Micro Sized Quadcopters and now they are moving up a notch to compete with the ‘Big Boys’ DJI Innovations and 3D Robotics. We have as yet (25-12-2015) to see price points but we expect the ORA Hubsan X4 PRO to be a High Quality Value offering that will delight RC Quadcopter and Drone Flyers throughout the World in 2015.

Hubsan X4 PRO

Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter Drone

 The ORA X4 PRO Quadcopter


Hubsan X4 PRO Specification (ORA X4 PRO)

This great new RC Quadcopter Drone features. Automatic take off and landing GPS with a very accurate altitude postion hold, automatic failsafe return to home, FPV Transmittion via 5.8,  2.4 gh R/s and a compass sensor.


FPV Drone with Camera

Hubsan X4 PRO Transmitter Antenna

Hubsan X4 Drone Camera

The Hubsan  X4 PRO Camera is supported by an easily controlled rotating 3 Axis Gimbal. The Gimbal automatically rotates to ensure the 1080 high definition camera captures smooth video and images. The angle of the camera can be ajusted to capture the perfect image.


Hubsan X4 PRO FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

Hubsan X4 PRO Camera Gimbal

Waypoints can be set so the ORA Hubsan X4 H109S PRO follows a pre-determined flight path.

Hubsan X4 PRO

Waypoints can be set on the Hubsan X4 PRO

A failsafe parachute system ensures that if the Hubsan X4 H109S PRO suffers a malfunction it will land safely withour damaging persons ot property.

Hubsan X4 PRO Safety System

Parachute for the Hubsan X4 PRO

Hubsan should be applauded for developing such a system. Propeller protectors/guards can also be attached to the Hubsan X4 H109S PRO for an added level of safely Full details have yet to be released but it seems that there will for 5.8ghs FPV delivering Real Time First Person Viewing at up to 1000 metres and 2.4ghz R/S will enable stable hovering in a fixed position.

Hubsan X4 PRO FPV Transmitter

FPV Transmitter for the Hubsan X4 PRO/ ORA X4 PRO

CLICK THIS LINK For Latest Updates on Price


About Hubsan Technology Company

Hubsan or Shenzhen Hubsan Technology are a relatively new company that was formed in 2010 primarily for the research, development and production of Toy and Hobby grade remotely controlled aircraft. They have produced a number of fixed wing craft but came to prominence with their excellent range of Micro RC Quadcopters in the X4 series. Hubsan’s research and development department has more than thirty young designers and engineers who are constantly working on innovative solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles. Their production facilities are located in Tangxia Town in the province of Dongguan. The factory not only produces RC Quadcopter Drones under the Hubsan branding but also produce Quadcopters for the likes of Revell Toys. The company is headed by Sam Lee who is by all accounts a perfectionist.

Hubsan X4 PRO Drone Review

As soon as we can get our hands on one of these outstanding flying machines we will. This RC Quadcopter Drone looks a really beauty and it is packed with the latest Drone Technology. The Hubsan X4 PRO could well be a serious challenge to the dominance in this market space by DJI Innovations with their Phantom range of RC Quadcopters. We are eager to experience the joy of flying this RC Quadcopter Drone and look forward to publishing an unbiased and impartial Drone Review of the Hubsan X4 PRO.


Hubsan X4 PRO Release Date

March 2015 has been touted as the likely release date but that is not confirmed. Drone Flyers have mailed Hubsan for confirmation 25-12-2014 but has of yet still to receive a reply. One thing Hubsan must do with this model is offer a dedicated support team. They will need to do a far better job than DJI have done in the past. The are moving beyond the Toy/Hobby Grade RC Quadcopter Drones into the more semi-professional drone space and their communication will need to improve. We hope the Hubsan X4 H109s PRO Owners Page over on Facebook will become a great source of reference and offer lively discussions around this RC Quadcopter Drone.


Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter Price

Again we do not have any idea of the likely price of the Hubsan X4 PRO as of the 26-12-2014. Banggood still have it listed at $499 and if it remains in a similar price bracket it would be an absolute steal. We are thinking more like $799 but this is all supposition so we need to wait. However Hubsan have always produced high quality value for money RC Quadcopter Drones and we don’t expect this model to be any different.

Hubsan X4 PRO Product details

Please note these product details have been taken from the Banggood website(26-11-2014) and are likely to be updated shortly. We at Drone Flyers are closely monitoring all news channels and are in daily contact with Banggood who will inform us of any changes to the model details as and when they are released.

Hubsan X4 PRO Description:

Brand Name: Hubsan
Item NO.:H109S
Item Name: Hubsan H109S X4 PRO RC Quadcopter Drone
Battery:11.1V 7000 mAh Lipo battery (To be confirmed)
Flight time: Approximately 25 minutes
Transmitter: FPV version
Frequency: 2.4GHz/ 5.8GHz
Video Distance:300-1000 meters
Motor to Motor distance:260mm

Hubsan X4 Pro Features:

  • Precise Aerodynamic light weight Design
  • Super strong PC plastic material body shell
  • High definition 1080 Hubsan Camera
  • Fatshark goggles compatible (To be confirmed)
  • 3D Camera Gimbal
  • Wireless Upgradable design for future update
  • Customer preference setting adjustable on TX(no need to connect to the computer)
  • Multifunctional landing gear
  • Battery charging time adjustable.
  • GPS with Return To Home with Intelligent Orientation Control Headless mode (To be confirmed)
  • Barometer precise altitude hold
  • Safe return to home mode and safety parachute feature
  • APP Waypoint settings can be enabled to set flight path
  • Automatic take off and landing

Package included:
1 X Hubsan H109S X4 PRO  RC Quadcopter Drone
1 x First Person View RC Transmitter


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