Dual Purpose Drone Fly Drive

Dual Purpose Drone Fly Drive Drone
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Dual Purpose Drone

This Drone unfortunately has NOT PASSED our FIVE RATING TEST. The SeBy DocKy video review highlights its failings. It is a bit of fun at a low price. If you want to get into Drone Flying there are far better models than this. We rate this Drone only 2 STAR

Is it a bird is it a car? This is the very latest Ground and Air Drone from JJRC a company that is taking the lead in producing low cost Drones with advanced technology. This amazing dual purpose drone can be driven along the ground or flown as an RC Quadcopter. The 2 in 1 JJRC H3 Drone is also equipped with a high definition camera so you can capture images and record High definition video. This Drone may be classed as a toy but it is easy to imagine the practical applications of the Air/Ground model. If you want to check your roof out after a storm say for loose tiles then rather than go to all the trouble of climbing up a ladder and putting your life in danger. Fly this Drone up to the roof, land it then drive it along recording video. Play back the video to see if there is any damage, job done!


RC Quadcopter Dual Purpose Drone

Stunning looking JJRC Air Ground Dual Purpose RC Quadcopter Drone with Led lights

Better than the Rolling Spider Dual Purpose Drone

Retailing on Banggood for $76.99 we sincerely believe this extremely well engineered remote controlled vehicle represents far better value than the Parrot rolling spider.

Both the 4 Propellers and the 4 wheels are gear driven and you can effortlessly switch between ground and air modes by clicking the appropriate button on the remote control transmitter.

The Drone Flyers team are looking forward to testing this model and we expect many more RC companies to produce similar dual functionality RC Drones in 2015. We are also convinced that companies are already working on multi-functionality Drone that will be able to Fly, Drive, Float and even submerge like a submarine. Whether we will see one of these advanced Drones in 2015 remains to be seen but they will come of that we are certain.


Dual Purpose Air Ground RC Quadcopter Drone

Coming soon full review of the  multi-functionality RC Quadcopter Drone from JJRC


Brand Name: JJRC
Item Name: 2 in 1 Air-ground dual purpose RC Quadcopter Drone
Item NO.: H3
Gyro:6-axis gyro
Color: Black
LED: Night Lights
Mode: Driving mode/ Flying mode
Control Distance:  About 300m
Charger Time:  About 60mins
Flight Time: 5-8mins
Battery: 7.4V 380mAh
Quadcopter Drone Size:28.6cm*17.5cm*13.5cm
Package Size: 37.1cm*21.2cm*24.1cm
Battery Dimension: 4cm*1.8cm*1.5cm
Battery Weight:22g
Package Weight:1078g
Remote Control: 4 x1.5V “AA” batteries (not included)

Note: Please note this Dual Purpose RC Quadcopter Drone can be updated to take a 850 mAh Lipo battery that will afford the user a far longer driving and flying experience, recommended

2 in 1 Land mode and Flight mode will astonish onlookers.
2.4G 4CH air-ground Dual Purpose RC four-wheeled Quadcopter with gyro.
With HD Camera for recording video and images
The 6-axis system allows the Drone to be hand launched.
6-Axis gyro RC Quadcopter flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, simple to control.
Function:Up/down,Left/right,Forward/Backward Light/Camera/ Driving on the ground installed with gyro/flash lights.


Your Package Includes:
1 x JJRC H3 Dual Purpose RC Quadcopter Drone
1 x RC Transmitter

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