Mini FPV Drone

Mini FPV Drone


Mini FPV Drone from Banggood

The Incredibly Versatile UNICORN 1 Mini FPV Drone with Clairvoyance 3D Goggles. This Ready To Fly FPV RC Quadcopter is a Drone Flyers Dream.

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First Person View (FPV) flying just got better with breaking Drone News from Banggood that they will soon be stocking the Unicorn 1 Mini FPV Drone with Clairvoyance 3D Goggles. This is a hot fast flyer that can be modified by switching it to a downward facing motor configuration. It has the Amazing Clairvoyance 32 Channel FPV Goggles that can be switched between 2D and 3D making the Unicorn 1 FPV Mini Drone a truly class act.

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Packed  full of advanced Drone technology features, Safe landing, Headless Flying Mode IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control), One Key Return, 1Kilometre flight range and 15 minutes of fast flying with a great Oculus Rift type viewing platform, an absolute Drone Flyers Dream!

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Mini FPV Drone

Great Unicorn 1 Mini FPV Drone from Banggood

Mini FPV Drone Description

Item Name: Unicorn 1 FPV Drone

Transmitter: 2.4G

Motors: 1804


Drone Propellers: 5030

Size: 258mm

Weight: 360g


Battery:2200MAH 3S

battery Distance:1KM

Flight time: 15 minutes

FPV Drone Camera: CMOS 600TVL,200MW VTX

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Mini FPV Drone Frame Light and strong carbon fiber frame with easy to replace parts. Fitting for a Mobius HD Camera (with a damper) or a GoPro Action Camera 3/4, sj series (without a damper). This Mini FPV Drone Frame has foldable arms for easy transportation and a Super Slim Lightweight Body Styling. It is only 25mm thick, has side dust baffles and a position for installation of a low voltage safety buzzer alarm.

Unicorn 1 Mini FPV Drone Modification It is upgradable, by changing the ESCs, motors and propellers and moving the motors to a downward facing position (soldering skills are required to do this).

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Drone Camera 600line,with 10 degree upper angle for high speed flying VTX: 200Mw with special antenna for 1KM range flying

Mini FPV Drone Motors  1806 plastic shell, light weight construction. ESCs: Simonk 6A

Drone Propellers are 5030 size, fluorescent, luminous glass fiber and that dramatically increases flight efficiency

FPV Mini Drone Flight Controller Flight Control integrated design, with an embedded  gyroscopic stabilization system, a balance meter, a pressure meter with 3 flight modes, 5 flying functions (attitude, height, GPS, return to home (RTH) and Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC).

Clairvoyance FPV 3D Goggles Clairvoyance 32 Channel FPV Goggle OCULUS RIFT Style 3D Glasses with 5 inch screen with 400*480 for each eye and 800*480 image with 3D functionality.

All in one design Mini FPV Drone  Main frame, 5 inch monitor, 32 channel receiver Dual antennas, 2D to 3D convertor. Weight only 275g without battery voltage: 6-16V/1A Mini FPV Drone Remote control: 2.4G with telemetry function Ergonomic with super slim design 4 x AA battery Trainer jack with routinely updated interface.

Mini FPV Drone Advanced Drone Technology Features

Flight Control integrated design, embedded with gyroscopic stabilization flight control system, a balance meter, a pressure meter, 3 flight modes, 5 flying functions(attitude, height, GPS, return to home and IOC. High precision GPS support, high precision fixed-point, constant speed, and with good wind resistance. High precision Altitude Hold, climbing at a constant speed, automatic landing, and course reversal and hover when losing control. Intelligent landing test, the power output will stop when landing, shutting off the power to the motors and providing a perfect safe landing solution. The low voltage protection with low voltage automatic landing this significantly prolongs the battery life. Intelligent course control,  Headless flying. Simple Calibration to start flying with no requirement to connect to a computer. A USB hub is available and no driver installation is required. Automatic firmware can be upgraded online. It has one key return to home functionality, flying area restrictions can be set and the height and distance can be auto controlled. A High Quality Flight Control Board delivers an outstanding flying experience.

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Your Package will include a Unicorn 1 FPV Mini Drone Quadcopter with  a set of Clairvoyance FPV 3D Goggles and a Unicorn 1 Mini FPV Drone Remote Control Transmitter.