Drones 2015

FPV Quadcopter Drone

Drones 2015:  New Camera Drones, Low Cost FPV Drones and Advances in Drone Technology

Most of us will have already heard about Drones as they have been a popular News story throughout 2014. It was only recently that Boris Johnson Mayor of London said that he wanted his own delivery Drone, He added that he could see Drones helping solve the increasing traffic problems encountered in the UK capital city by reducing the amount of ‘white vans’ now needed to deliver goods ordered online. Whilst there are still major safety concerns and privacy issues surrounding Drones a generic term that covers unmanned aerial vehicles and encompasses Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Octocopters, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters their use is showing an exponential rise. The technology that controls these flying machines is advancing at such a rapid pace that government bodies that have been given the task of regulating Drone Flyers are finding it difficult to keep abreast with it all. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has stated that this is holding Drone development back. It is not only the behemoths of the aerospace industry that are developing advanced flying systems but hobbyist Worldwide are going to considerable lengths to improve and perfect the flight characteristics of these exceptional aerial robots. There are also many new players entering the space many seeking funding by using online sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo. GoPro have announced they will be entering the Drone space in 2015 and will produce a number of high resolution Camera Drones.

Drones 2015

The AR Parrot Rolling Spider Mini Drone

2014 also saw a number of new players in the Drone toy/hobby market space. Previously unheard of companies like Cheerson who produce the outstanding bestselling Nano Drone the CX-10 have hit the ground running and are capturing a large market share. Walkera known for their toy and hobby grade models are now producing high end Drones like the Scout and Tali models that can be programmed to fly to certain waypoints capture high definition images move to the next waypoint and continue the process until full 360 degree capture has been implemented. One can easily imagine a Drone similar to the AR Parrot Rolling Spider flying up to a rooftop, landing then ‘driving’ over the roof filming every millimetre of the surface as it goes along and sending the data back to a ground station for instant analysis. Battery life has been long a restriction of flying Drones but by tethering the Drone to a power source on the ground this can be effortlessly overcome. Programmed Drones are already performing tasks that are traditional done by humans with BP using them to inspect oil pipelines. I can imagine in the not too distant future we will see them cleaning the windows of high rise apartments and office blocks and we will see Drones play a big part in the construction industry. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are also perfect for entering hazardous spaces indoors or outdoors and by using First Person View (FPV) and sophisticated sensor obtain information without the risk of human fatalities.

Camera Drone

The Hi-Quality BeBop Camera Drone from AR Parrot is a sign of things to come

There is no better time than present to enter and explore this nascent industry and the Low Cost Drones featured on the Drone Flyers website are a perfect starting point. For under $100 users can buy affordable Drones that will teach users flying skills allow the users to experience FPV flying and aerial photography using Camera Drones.