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Drone Review of the WLtoys V393

Update 16-12-2013: Went out flying with a friend today in a big field he wanted to see how this¬†Large Drone could perform, he was suitably impressed! ūüôā

Update 14-12-2013: Headless Mode Flying¬†worked perfectly on the V393 RC Quadcopter. The Automatic Orientation works at the click of a button on the transmitter and is a nice safely feature for long distance flying. This Headless mode will really come into its own when you are flying this Large Drone in First Person View mode. The yaw rate isn’t that fast but that’s not an issue for me. After only a few flights I already feel confident controlling the WLtoys V393, I enjoy flying it. ‘KISS’ Keep it Simple Stupid is exactly what WLtoys have done with this Large Drone. I’m sure many astute Drone Buyers and¬†Drone Flyers will be quick to pick up on this and use the V393 to its full potential with HD cameras and FPV modules attached in the very near future. I will try and get some more flying done tomorrow.

Thanks again for reading this Drone Review.

Update 13-12-2013: First flight this morning of the great V393¬†RC Quadcopter Drone. I didn’t think Drone flying could get much better but it did this morning.¬†I have flown many Nano, Micro and¬†Mid Sized Drones over the last 18 months but when it comes to stability there is no other Drone that comes anywhere close to this, it is simply an incredibly stable¬†flying machine. I have never experience anything like it. I totally enjoy the simplicity of flying this Drone, there is no messing around with satellite connections, complicated calibration processes and tweaking of settings. This¬†RC Quadcopter Drone is¬†literally ready to fly out of the box. To see¬†this Big Drone¬†sitting high up above in the sky is just amazing.

Did some field flying this afternoon. The wind had got up a bit but had some fabulous flying fun with the V393. I always felt in control and at 80% rate it was fast. Going to test the headless flying mode in the morning weather permitting.

¬†WLtoys have released the V393 early but there will be plenty of¬†variations of this Large V393¬†Drone¬†in the very near future. It is simply too good a Drone for there not to be. I’m really enjoying this Drone Review¬†it is a pleasure to fly the V393.

Drone Revies of the High Flying V393

High Flying Drone from WLtoys the V393

The Leds are visible from a distance so orientation issues are never a problem, it is responsive to the controls and in high rates an extremely fast flyer. A big beast it maybe but there is absolutely nothing whatsoever beastly about flying it. The only regrets I’ve had this morning are one I didn’t have a spare battery and two the accessories are not available as yet. When these modules the FPV Drone¬†Camera and the HD Camera¬†become available it will turn the V393 Drone into a fabulous uncomplicated¬†flying machine that will deliver an experience only previously attained by far more expensive Drone models.

V393 Drone Review

First Flight of the V393 Drone


WLtoys V393 Drone Review

When WLtoys released the V666 I wondered if those that named realised 666 is known as ‘The Mark of the Beast’. The Mark of the Beast happens to be one of my favorite tracks on the I Testament album by Reggae artist Capelton.

The V666 Drone however was not a Beast but an extremely stable large size hobby grade FPV Drone, I personally enjoy flying the V666 with the WLtoys High Definition 1080¬†camera attached and I’m using it to improve my aerial photography skills. I like the size of it and the fact you can take it very high without losing sight of it.


Recently WLtoys released the V393 a super-sized Brushless Motor Quadcopter Drone measuring 72 centimetres diagonally with the foam protector canopy on. Sales of the V393 have started slowly, it doesn’t come in cheap at $233 from Banggood but don’t think you will find it cheaper anywhere else. Sales will soon start to pick up when WLtoys release the accessories for this Drone. I’ve already seen some videos of the V393 and the powerful motors make it extremely fast and extremely stable when you want it to be. The size, power and stability should make the V393 the perfect aerial photography Drone. I will be able to attach the HD camera that I use on the V666 Drone and the WLtoys V636 Skylark Drone to the V393. Take the V666 First Person View monitor and camera and use the V393 Drone for FPV Flying or purchase a HD 1080 Camera on what looks like a gyroscopic gimbal. Details and prices are yet to be released but I’m sure for under $350 you can have a really great inter-changeable kit that is capable of sports flying at speed, capture decent videos, Drone Photographs, learn flying First Person View and I find this appealing. The V393 is extremely well constructed and the foam protector style of the AR Parrot Drone shields the 9 inch blades.

Although the flight control board doesn’t have some of the advanced features like GPS and Return to Home (RTH) it can be flown in Automatic Orientation Control or Headless Flying Mode. In the not too distant future Drone enthusiasts will start modifying the flight control boards and tweaking these Drones to make them even better than the production models.


I have been ever so fortunate to have received a V393 for Review purposes I can’t help starring at it it’s massive. I’ve charged the battery up and as soon as soon as the weather is more favourable I will get it up in the air and have some serious fun flying the V393 Drone. My review won’t go it the fine technical details of the model as this as already been professionally done. I will however post all links to the unboxing reviews, first flights and the RC Groups review.


I will use this Drone Review as a journal of my flying experiences, Drone Photography and FPV Flying. This sized model is something I had in my dreams 18 months ago when I started my Drone journey. I laugh when I put my first Walkera QR Ladybird V2 next to it or sit the great Cheerson CX-10 Nano on top of it. There is one thing I‚Äôm most certain of I‚Äôm going to get so much pleasure taking this ‚ÄėBeast‚Äô out early on a still morning and flying it over the fields and countryside. I will also find a big space where I can fly the V393 Drone to the Max still giving a Drone of this size and power the respect it commands.

I will add the FPV module to it, use my HD 1080 WLtoys camera on it and purchase the new 1080 HD Drone Camera as soon as it is released. This is a dream come true I must thank Banggood for their faith in me to deliver an impartial and unbiased Drone Review of the WLtoys V383 Drone Quadcopter. This is a move up for me, a challenge I relish.

I have a young Drone Reviewer who will help me capture Drone to Drone video of this Quadcopter using his AR parrot Drone with a GoPro Camera attached.

This V393¬†Drone Review is on-going. All the unboxing videos and first flight Drone Reviews are all very well but to truly assess this model will take time. You cannot expect to take a Quadcopter of this size out of the box and fly in for 20 minutes publish your Drone Review, put it back in its box and that’s it.

By flying this Drone over the next few months and adding all the accessories I hope this in-depth Drone Review will give you an insight into its capabilities and flight characteristics.

Overtime we hope we can turn this page in to the Best V393 Drone Review available.

I hope you will follow me on my Drone journey in this Drone Review I won’t rush into it but please keep coming back. If you have any questions about the V393 Drone then shoot me an email droneflyers@gmail.com

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