Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drone Photography a new vision of the World we live in
Drone Photography spurred on by by an explosion of Drone Flyers all over the Globe, rapid advances in flying technology and lightweight action cameras is a realitively new photographic discipline. There are simply no other pieces of equipement that can duplicate the close up shots captured by flying Drones.

Drone Photography

This is a stunning Drone Photography Image of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain

The goods news is that anyone can now purchase a Low Cost Drone and experiment with Drone Photography first hand. There is no need to go out and spend $1000’s of dollars on a large Remote Control Quadcopter.

For under $50 you can purchase a JJRC H6C Micro Drone or for a little more the Best selling Mid Sized JJRC H8C Camera Drone. Both these models can be bought with 2 Mega Pixel Cameras that can capture video or photographs.

These remarkable Camera Drones will aslo teach you the necessary flying skills so you will be able to effortlessly move up to larger Photographic Drones if you so desire.

Drone Photography

Great Drone Photography of a California Vineyard at Sunset

There has never been a better time to get into Drone Flying and Drone Photography. The learning curve is quite steep but with patience the skill of Drone Flying can be learnt in a short space of time.

Once you have learnt the flying basics you can practice your Drone Photography by captuing video and photographs to a Micro SD card inserted into you Drone Camera.

The images you capture at first will not be professional quality but they will give you a great insight into aerial photography.

Practical and Commercial implications of Drone Photography

The practical uses of Drone Photography are easy to envisage. Say you wanted to check your roof out after a severe storm for any misplaced tiles or damage. Previuosly you would have had to call in a specialist roofing firm to carry out a survey. With an under $50 Drone to could capture enought footage yourself and by analysing the images see if any remidial work was necessary.

Real Estate Companies have embraced Drone Photography filming properties and gardens from above.