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Drone Glossary and Drone Flying Terms

A Drone is essentially an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that can be flown and controlled by a Remote Control Transmitter, a smartphone app, a ground station or programmed to be flown autonomously. Drones have been used for a number a years as weapons of war but now they are being produced in volume to feed the demand from toy, hobby and commercial users. The most popular format for Drones is the Quadcopter which uses two clockwise and two counter clockwise motors. Drones also come in a Tri-copter format (3 motors) Hexacopter format (6 motors) or an Octopcopter format with 8 motors. There are a number of variations of each type of Drone format. The term Drone is also applied to fixed wing aircraft that are pilotless.

Drone Glossary-Drone Flying Terms.

Line of Sight is when the Drone Flyer always has sight of the Quadcopter.

First Person View (FPV) Flying is when an operator controls the Drone by viewing a screen on the remote control transmitter or by special glasses viewing.

Flying FPV style is often done when one person controls and flies the RC Quadcopter Drone while another person has a bird’s eye view of exactly what the Drone cameras sees.


Drone Glossary FPV Flying

FPV Drone Flying


Drone Glossary: Drone Sizes and Drone Prices

Toy and Hobby Class Category RC Quadcopter Drones Drone Glossary-Nano Drones.

Drone Glossary Insect size Nano drones

Insect Like Tiny Nano Drones

These a typically very small RC Quadcopter Drones that fit into the palm of your hand measuring 45mm diagonally from motor to motor. The bestselling Cheerson CX-10 Nano Drone is fantastic example of Nano Technology that can be bought for around $16. Nano Drones mimicking the design and flight characteristics of insects are currently being developed.

Drone Glossary

Nano Drone from Cheerson


Drone Glossary-Micro Drones. Again these Drones are usually constructed in a Quadcopter format and are approximately double the size of the Nano Drone at 90 mm diagonally from motor to motor. This sized Drone has a great following throughout the remote control community. They are fast aggressive flying machines capable of recording video and are a perfect low cost beginner Drone. The Hubsan X4 RC Quadcopter Drone range led this class for a number of years but newcomers like JJRC with the H6C Drone that carries a 2 mega pixel camera and effortlessly performs acrobatics are challenging Hubsan’s dominance of this market space. The high quality JJRC H6C Micro Drone retails at under $50, far cheaper than its rivals

Drone Glossary Micro Drone

Remote Control Micro Drone with Camera

Drone Glossary-Mid-Sized Toy and Hobby Grade Drones. RC Quadcopter Drones in this class and size, 240 mm diagonally from motor to motor sold in volumes throughout 2014. The popularity of the Syma X5C Explorers has led to a plethora of Mid-Sized Toy and Hobby Grade Drones be offered for sale. Many Chinese Drone manufactures mimic the style of the Syma and others have copied the styling of the popular La Traxxas Alias RC Quadcopter. The latest JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter Drone is a fabulous example of a Mid-Sized quality Drone and retails at $53.99.

Drone Glossary Mid-Sized Drone

Toy Hobby Grade Mid Sized Drone Style on La Taxxas Alias

Drone Glossary-Large Size Toy and Hobby Grade Drones. The latest offering from WLtoys is a large Drone similar in shape to the AR Parrot Drone and powered by heavy duty brushless motors. The V393 RC Quadcopter Drone at $233 hails a new breed of large simple to use Drones

Drone Glossary large Hobby Grade Drone

Large Hobby Grade Drone

Please Note. Prices quoted in the above Drone Glossary for Nano, Micro, Mid-Sized Toy and Hobby Grade Drones and Large Size Toy and Hobby Grade Drones were taken from the Banggood website as of the 21-12-2015. Banggood sponsor this www.drone-flyers.com website and supply us with RC Quadcopter Drones for review purposes.

Drone Glossary-RC Quadcopter Drone Motors.

The Nano, Micro and Mid-Sized Toy and Hobby Grade Drones are traditionally powered by coreless motors. Mid-Sized Toy and Hobby Grade Drones in the main use a gearing system to propel the blades whereas the Nano and Micro Drones have propellers directly linked to the coreless motors. Larger Drones in the semi-professional Drone market use brushless motors.

Drone Glossary- Drones with Brushless Motors.

DJI Innovations have continued to dominate this class with the Phantom RC Quadcopter Drones. Cheaper models from Cheerson the CX-20 have sold well but the Phantom still remains the choice for those who want a brushless motor Drone to capture Aerial Videos by attaching the popular GoPro Action Camera. DJI have just released (end of 2014) a Transformable Aerial Vehicle (TAV) the DJI Inspire 1 a truly remarkable RC Quadcopter Drone. Earlier in 2014 DJI filed patents for this engineering technology that allows the user to raise the body up making the Drone capable of 360 degree image capture from a 4K camera. The Inspire 1 retails at $2,899 for the B model or $3,299 for the A model with dual transmitters. CLICK THIS LINK

This Drone Glossary from Drone Flyers will be updated on a regular basis