Beginners Drone Buying Guide

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Best Guide for Drone Beginners

The Beginners Drone Buying Guide will help any new entrant to this exciting hobby who may be confused with what make and model they should chose. The team at Drone Flyers offer informed advice on the best Drone model to select. The first thing any new Drone Flyer should do is set a budget. This budget should include an allowance for some extras especially additional batteries that will prolong the flying time enhancing your experience. While one Battery is charging you can be flying using your spare battery this is our opion a must for beginners.

 Beginners Drone Buying Guide

Beginner Drone Buying Guide

Beginners Drone Buying Guide: What Model?

Fortunately for beginners there has never been a better selection of models to buy. Every week there are new Drone models coming to the market. However unfortunately there are many companies trying to get into this marketplace that are selling inferior products that do not offer value for money and the quality is substandard. The models featured on this Drone site have best tried and tested by industry professionals who go to great lengths examining, flying and testing these models. Sometimes we get sent inferior products to review. We will extensively test them but if they don’t come up to our 5 Star rating we will not include them. We are sure the Beginners Drone Buying Guide will help you make the right choice.

Beginners Drone Buying Guide: Which Brands to Buy

If it is a Low Price Nano Drone you are looking to purchase then we highly recommend Cheerson they simply make the best Nano Drone you can buy. Many have tried to copy their best selling Nano Drone but as yet there aren’t any Nano Drones that come close. In the Micro Drone class Hubsan have led the way for a number of years. The Hubsan X4 range the H107, the H107C and H107D are some of the finest Micro Drones ever made and we guarantee they will not disappoint any Drone flyer beginner. WLtoys are another established player and produce a number of Low Priced Toy and hobby grade quality Drones. Their Mid Sized Drones offer exceptional value and give a fantastic flying experience. Newcomer JJRC also offer a great Low Price Camera Drone the H6C in the Micro Drone class and their latest Mid Sized Drone the H8C is simply the best value Drone on the market. Syma have had outstanding success with the X5C but the H8C is a vast improvement on the X5C with bigger motors delivering a stable yet exciting flying experience.

Beginners Drone Buying Guide: Where to Buy

Over the last 18 months we have used numerous sources to purchase Drones and we now only recommend Banggood for Drone purchases. They are exceptionally good to deal with, they despatch orders promptly and cannot be beaten on price.

Beginners Drone Buying Guide: What to look out for

We ensure that all models we feature have spare parts available. As a beginner you will have the odd mishap and occasionally crash your Drone. You do not want this to be terminal and as these models are relatively easy to maintain and work on then the availability of spare parts is an absolute must.

I will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your Drone purchases and I can be contacted at